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Heyford Park (Oxfordshire)

Situated at Heyford Park, Camp Road, Upper Heyford, Oxon. OX25 5HD

Track options are laid out on parts of the vast main runway and perimeter roads, we have a fun layout suitable for drivers of any capability, variable in length to suit the event but typically around 1.3 mls, this allows drivers to concentrate on the cars without the worry of a complicated track to learn too. The track has a fast main straight, chicane and corner complexes to help drivers get a feel for the cars

RAF Upper Heyford was opened in 1918. During the first world war it was a training base for the Royal Flying Corps and later the Royal Air Force. It was leased to the United States Air Force after the Second World War when it was no longer required. In 1986, the attack against suspected terrorist targets in Libya included the F-111 aircraft launched from Upper Heyford. F111 fighter planes were used to jam radar defences on bombing missions in Libya and again during the first Iraq war in 1991. See F111 fighter bomber photo above. Photo taken by Mike Kaplan.

The air base was operational until 1993. Although it was still owned by the Ministry of Defence until 1996, some of the air base has now been converted into an industrial estate. The site is in excelent condition and is beautifully maintained.

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Classic Mini Experience - Heyford Park
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Lotus Elise vs Subaru vs Mitsubishi Evolution Experience - Heyford Park
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Ultimate Supercar Blast including HSPR - Heyford Park
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Additional Information::

Heyford Park Factoids.

  • 1918 First RAF flights from grass runway.
  • 1944 Concrete runways opened.
  • 80 yrs as an operational air base.
  • 1951, the US Air Force moved in with it's heavey bombers.
  • 13000 people lived or worked at the base at it's peak.
  • 56 hardened aircraft shelters are the most prominent buildings at the air base.
  • 800 building on the base.
  • 1250 acre site.
  • 1993 Last operational flights.
  • 1996 Base decommisioned.
  • The Thames Valley Police use the facility for driver training.
  • The venue has been used to for filming videos for Travis and Feeder pop bands, along with Adidas World Cup commercial and for the British Ladies beach volley ball team.